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Hi Tangie,


Thank you for taking action in making your dreams for success become a reality. You have demonstrated that you are serious and for that reason alone, I am happy that I could be of assistance to you.

As you can see, I work kinna fast and that is a blessing. It only helps you to get where you want to be much faster. By the way, I hope you like the Logo

The site you just saw was a lead capture site, designed to capture the names of the persons interested in selling their house for which you can hopefully place them under contract for wholesaling. This site can and will be expanded to include other services such as Notary service, rentals as well as flipping whenever you are ready. Also if you complete the contact form at the footer (bottom or home page) you will receive an auto response thank you email (from me, Thadwebsigns initially until we confirm your gmail account and change the email headers). The form page info will also be forwarded to you as a email notification and a database that will be available from the website for lead capture and follow up. (I will show you how to access this info later as well).

I have selected the following Domain name for you to use because the domain is NOT available and to add the 20 will create confusion on mistypes and only drive traffic to someone else site. Also the domain I choose makes for better search results because it is keyworded much better.

Therefore, I choose: as your domain because it is more memorable and is action keyworded "we buy houses". Trust me as someone who knows how that works. the domain is a winner.

After you complete the below process you will have a live active site up and running literally minutes after payments are received and hosting form is verified. All I will need for you to do is text me once the payments particularly the below hosting credit card is completed and sent. I have to manually verify it to activate the account.

So here we go:

Step 1: Payment

Per our agreement the total site design is $1,200 you can pay in in full or select a 2-pay with $600 now and $600 next month with through the following methods -


PayPal at:  (Click here to pay)

Cashapp at:       $PThad3 (payable thru cashapp app)

Step 2: Complete the below Hosting Account Form

I was able to apply my developers discount on the hosting which brought the price down to $276 instead of the $395 I quoted you. Every little bit counts... :)

So once you complete everything, again shoot me a text and I'll get you going in no time. Also keep in mind everything is still in "beta mode" nothing is etched in stone and content can be modified to your exact liking such as the About us and more. We got a good start I think... The train has left the station, let's just get on board and ride it to success.

I'm here to work with you all the way;

- Thad


 Hosting Plan for

choose one

Monthly Plan = $28 per month or

Yearly Plan = $276.00

You Save $119 with discount

Please complete the following form and submit.

You site will be reactivated within 30 mins after card verification.

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