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Cigars 101


Cigar Basics

How to Properly Light Your Cigar

When it comes to lighting cigars, you should only use a wood match, a thin strip of cedar, or a butane lighter. None of these will impart any chemical flavor and are relatively neutral. Avoid using cardboard matches or lighters that use lighter fluid because they will change the way your cigar tastes. When lighting move the lighter in a circular motion and also rotate the cigar to toast the entire area of the cigar’s foot.

If your cigar is well-constructed, it may still be lit after letting it rest for a minute. If not, carefully and lightly re-toast the foot. You can now smoke it by drawing air in gently but don’t inhale (ever). Cigar smoke is about flavor and not about filling your lungs with smoke as you might with a cigarette. Draw the smoke into your mouth and let it fill it with rich flavors. Allow the smoke to escape without blowing hard.

Draw the smoke in gently, let it sit for a moment and slowly let the smoke out. As you taste the smoke, you should be able to pick out notes on both the nose and palate, not unlike a good wine. Flavors like wood, leather, pepper, vanilla, dark chocolate, dried fruit, and even bread dough will peek out. Cigars can also change as you smoke them. Sometimes a cigar that seems very one-dimensional in taste at the start can morph into a symphony of complexity.

Smoking a cigar is never meant to be rushed, and that’s the whole point of it all, to relax.

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How to Smoke Your Cigar

How to Enjoy Your Cigar

Relax and Enjoy

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